Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane 2!!! (Sandy)

I figured I'd post to keep you all informed, and prove that I am still kicking. The storm was way less impactful where I live. Besides the fact that my return to work date is TBD, not much really happened. I kind of got stuck at Emily's place, since they decided to shut down all public transit that went to my apartment. They finally got the 7 train up and running this morning, yay! Mason and Milo were pretty nice, and only attacked me a few times. Emily was kind enough to let me eat her food. I even cooked some of it.

S&P down on Water Street (ironic, am I right!?) is still uninhabitable, this is a direct quote from my boss. I will be working from home all next week as well. Not too shabby, besides the part about still being in training. Basically, this means I really won't do that much. We still have to get all of our communications with clients checked, just to make sure we aren't making too much up as we go.

While I'm on the subject, I really like my job. It should have a lot of future potential. I really like what I'm learning. I get to soak up as much cool market information as I want everyday. I also get to take S&P Capital IQ home with me and explore further. It's basically like I get to have Bloomberg terminal in my home. It's great, and a definite job perk if you're as nerdy as I am. The program I'm in last anywhere from 1 year to 1.5 years. I shooting for the 1 year track. After that you're made and account manager. The pay increases and you get to actually visit clients.

I'm not sure what else is new. I'm still dating Emily, it's going really well. Right now she's just staring at her computer preparing to continue her fight with some guy on facebook about politics. Overall it's a lot of fun. Her two kids are still somewhat of a shock. I figure life is what it is and we all get along great, so we may as well enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slacker Update

Okay, I know I've been slacking. Life has been super busy. If you don't know already I did graduate from Brandeis and I have a job lined up. It's kind of crazy. I'll be working down at Standard and Poor's in/on Wall Street. I'm very excited about it.

As well as on the job front, I'm dating an amazing girl. Really, she's something. I've been traveling to NY over the past few months, so as you can imagine I'm really stoked to be in the same city.

The place I'll be staying is really nice and much better than the place I looked at in Harlem. I guess I don't really want to repeat the living conditions of my mission if I don't have to. I find the good old measure of bars on windows to still be applicable.

I don't really know what else to write at this point, but I'll try to improve the frequency at which I blog. Trust me, the stories to come will get better.

Friday, May 4, 2012

All most done! (What's next?)

The light at the end of tunnel is very near. I however, may be facing the wrong way. I don't really feel that I'll be graduating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to it. I'm just having a hard time conceptualizing it. I started undergrad in 2004 and graduated December 2009, then worked until August. Then I started at Brandeis. All in that's a lot of school. I think I'm smarter. I've done a lot, and made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point. There are many things I thought would happen, but haven't yet *cough *cough marriage. I'll be honest, I worry sometimes if it just won't happen, not because the opportunities aren't there; but because I'll choose other things instead of getting married, I've done it before.

I've been looking for jobs. No offer yet, but I am interviewing. I figure this is a good sign, since I'm viewed as a strong enough candidate to at least merit some consideration. I always freak out about this time of year, I really like to know what will happen next. Around this time, when I don't have a job and no firm plans for the future, I tend to look for anything. Unfortunately, I usually end up looking at super dangerous yet adventuress things: war correspondent, CIA officer, Army, Border Patrol Agent, gator wrestler, detective, or underwater welding. I suppose being single has it's advantages, besides worrying my family, I see few drawbacks to the things I've listed; I have no one that depends on me. I'm sure being married with a family of my own would make facing a giant gator much less appealing. Right now though, it sounds pretty fun.

As far as my dating/love life goes, it's okay. I actually gave online dating a try. I'm mixing it up with the normal dating I do in Boston. I'm sure some of you know what I've gone through in Boston, the dating pool out here is a tad spotty. As for the whole online thing, the results are split. One girl was super amazed that cell phones worked in Maine. I told her quite a few times that I was in Boston. She also seem confused about the purpose of trees. Another girls I've actually met and it's going well. The situation is really complicated, but I'm finding very few things in my life are ever simple. I figure I'll see where it goes, mostly because she really is amazing. If it continues to go well, I'll post more. If not, I'll still probably post more.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Bloggin!

Currently blogging is on my mind, so I figured I'd throw out a post. I guess I have a friend to thank for this, though it wasn't directly a call to post something, however motivation is motivation. Things have been crazy lately, a little bit of liable here and there, tragedy, and personal growth.

My sister and brother-in-law are going through a tough time, and unfortunately I couldn't be with them when I would have liked. I'm glad they have such a strong support network and I think they know I'm there for them, but that doesn't make things easier. My heart goes out to them.

School is going well and I'm learning a lot. I've been applying to tons of jobs, but I haven't heard anything yet. I always worry about this time of year, but things tend to work out. Life is mostly that, learning patience. Luckily, there's enough scriptural reference for that working out in the end; otherwise I'd be a tad more worried. Also, as much patients as I think I'm learning, it pales in comparison to other a lot.

I've also been thinking a lot about what it takes to succeed lately. Most of it boils down to work. However, there is a large part that is due to luck. Hard work can makeup for a lack of luck, but only up to a certain point. Also, there is a religious component based on my beliefs, basically blessings. When these three combined you have success. There are a few caveats here. I think sometimes you can focus on your own work too much and miss out on luck. Trying to work for blessing doesn't really work. The best you can do is live how you said you would, otherwise you may be attempting to bribe God. It may be possible, but sometimes God's Will isn't what you thought it was, this being the case if you don't get the blessings you think are coming you may get disillusioned. I've done this a few times. From the thinking I've done on the matter it's a balance of all three. You need to work hard, but not too hard, rely on the commitments you've made, and always be looking for luck.

Oddly enough this seems to be working for me. I don't know if it works for everyone, but it works for me. I seem to be more willing to accept life as it comes, but still be driven, and not lose sight of my religion. This strategy seems to work in most areas of my life: school, work, and dating. Anyhow, these have been my musings of late. I'm getting excited to graduate in May, even though I have no idea what's next on the horizon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy pre-Valentine's Day!

I'm bored right now, and since I probably won't blog on or closer to Valentine's Day, Happy Valentines Day! Not much to report in that area... As I glimpse at other people's blogs I realize that I don't have a whole lot to write about. I have no cute baby, no pet, no job (though even if I did have a job I probably couldn't or wouldn't write about it), and though I'd enjoy writing about the dates I go on, I just can't bring myself to do it. Also who wants to read about doing homework?

Don't get me wrong, my life is full of excitement. I enjoy my runs, school, church, dating, and shooting my roommates with nerf guns; but it all seems kind of boring. I have many friends that write about how hard/awesome/conflicting it is to be Mormon. I could write a lot about it, but who really want to read this stuff? I have other people I know that post, and after you read enough, you figure out they are legit crazy people. I'm crazy but why advertise? Many people also post about problems and issues they have. The internet really? I guess I'm still looking for my blogging identity.

As of right now it's just to keep my family and really close friends up to date. If that's the case why not take the whole thing private and write whatever I wanted. Nobody would be able to see my posts about the dates I go on, and there'd be no reason not to provide a little entertainment for my family. Just in these past few weeks I've had some memorable ones, good and bad. The only reason I don't share is the chance word gets back to them. Cutting out the random people on the internet would solve this problem. I guess I'll have to decide this one.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Season!

(One of the weirdest nativities I've ever seen, thank you BYU!)

Things have been great. I've had a decent break from school and still have quite a bit to go, I don't head back until the 11th. I'm sure I'll find some awesome stuff to do. I've already been to the Bean Museum and the BYU Art Museum, both were awesome.

I'm really enjoying hanging with Fin. He's a stellar little nephew. The little dude never slows down, it's pretty entertaining. On another train of thought, I seriously can't believe I only have one semester of school left, now if I only had a sweet job. Patients is probably the best at this point. Something will turn up, but waiting is killer. I'm also considering going to Spain for a year, we shall see. If I want to go I'd have to take an three hour Spanish exam, and see about some type of fellowship.

As far as crazy Utah adventures go, none yet. However, New Years is coming up. That can always be fun. If it ever snows I'll get some skiing in. I literally have my fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Flood

Our apartment flooded. It happened the day before yesterday. It was about 8:30 a.m. and water stared poring from the ceiling. Needless to say I was praying at the time and thought the end had come. I'm glad to report that I made it, this time.

(Danger Zone!!)

The neighbors upstairs, 2nd story, had some type of washer malfunction. I live in the basement. Yep water made it's way all the way down there, and in volume.

(Upstairs, there's a total of six fans in there.)

Due to this I currently live in a triage center. The one like in ET. I try not to read the sign with the skull, or at least redifiny it to rationalize going in (lead comes from the earth so it has to be good for me).

(ET triage unit.)

Anyway here are some pictures. They say they're worth a thousand words, too bad this doesn't apply to essays!

(Downstairs, three fans. I'm taking the picture from my bedroom.)